Winning the argument

Taking Corbyn to 11/10

It is not enough for Rebecca Long-Bailey to rate Corbyn’s leadership as ten out of ten. True believers rate it at eleven. So here are four ways in which he laid down guidelines for the future. They should be written into the party’s constitution, like the thought of Xi in China.

  1. Everyone will agree with you once you explain your position clearly enough. This may take time. Never grudge it. Being right is your greatest service to humanity.

  2. Correct analysis is the seed of victory. In any situation there is always one question whose answer shows that you are right and morally unassailable. Concentrate on answering this one question until all the others go away.

  3. Unenlightened people, when they have a problem, look for a solution. This is the wrong way round. Starting from the correct solution will automatically summon the correct problem into existence. The incorrect problems will then disappear.

  4. To label your enemies is already to have done most of the work of defeating them. Where are the “Tories” now?